Omnichannel Reporting Template – Free

Omnichannel measurement is done with the goal to understand the overall business conversion patterns wherever they might be coming from.

We are putting here a free Omnichannel reporting infographic which provides an innovative way of showcasing and distributing your performance summary report. This can be used as a hand-out as you present the detailed presentation, both of which are present here for download.


Omnichannel Infographic Template link

Omnichannel Powerpoint Template link

Glossary link

Retailers who operate both e-commerce and in-store channels are taking note on understanding the flows and patterns. Digital continues to increase its touchpoints encompassing every step of the customer journey. Even while shopping offline, many users compare the prices on mobile while they are at the store. What does their shopping behavior mean for the business? We realize that a shopper who buys from them in-store and online is their most valuable kind of customer (VIPs and therefore a segmentation capability between VIP and Non-VIP must be defined based on your business operation model. This is something what is depicted in the templates here.

Hope this structure suits your needs, we will be happy to see how you have implemented this, so mark a comment to provide a feedback on the usefulness or improvement on the templates.



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